It is a real-time e-news that looks at the news that has become a hot topic on the Internet overnight.

I've seen a lot of articles stating that a professor at KAIST assaulted a graduate student in his lab.

On the 1st, a post was posted on the SNS 'I'll deliver on behalf of KAIST' account saying, 'A professor who had been hired for less than 5 years slapped the students in his lab several times.'

The author appealed, saying, "The department has opened a disciplinary committee, but the perpetrator maintains his job and the victim is dropping out." He appealed to "I ask that you prioritize fair and reasonable punishment and protection of the victim rather than enveloping my family."

As the article spread, KAIST confirmed the circumstances through interviews with graduate students and requested an official investigation to the Human Rights Ethics Center on campus.


At Yonsei University, I have seen many articles that some students have filed lawsuits against cleaning workers who are demanding improved treatment, which is causing controversy.

Three Yonsei University students, including Mr. Lee, filed a claim for damages last month against the Yonsei branch of the Seoul branch of the Public Transportation Union of the KCTU, to which the cleaning workers belong, claiming that their right to study was infringed by the noise of the cleaning workers.

In May, workers were sued and reported to the police on charges of obstruction of business and violating the Assembly and Demonstration Act, but critical public opinion is also growing.

One student wrote a letter to criticize the lawsuit saying, 'The right to learn should be respected, but the lives of workers should also be respected'.

In addition, through the class syllabus for the second semester, the professor criticized, "The duty to guarantee the right to class for students lies with the school, not the cleaning workers." there is.


Recently, in Goseong, Gangwon-do, there was an incident where a family entered an empty house without permission, took a shower, and dumped garbage without permission.

On the 26th of last month, netizen A posted an article saying that a family broke into her daughter's room in Goseong, Gangwon-do, where she lives alone, and took a shower.

Netizens were also outraged by the behavior of those who left their garbage in front of their houses because they were not even full of sand.

However, on the 2nd day, Mr. A said that a similar thing had happened again.

The CCTV screen released together showed a family getting out of a black SUV, and a woman calmly throwing away garbage such as drink cans in front of the house as it is.

The same ridiculous thing happened again in the same place, and netizens showed reactions such as 'Is it a parody or beasts in human masks', and 'It's a place we're watching from all over the country'.