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 The court sentenced a 30-year-old man who tried to engage in prostitution with a teenager and that didn't go his way, impersonating a police officer and notifying the Miranda principle, and forcibly molesting him.

According to the legal community today (4th), the 1st Criminal Division of Wonju Branch of the Chuncheon District Court (Chief Judge Shin Gyo-sik) was charged with impersonating public officials, confinement, and violation of the Act on the Protection of Children and Youth (forced molestation). was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison, completed 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program, and restricted from employment at child and youth-related organizations and welfare facilities for the disabled for 3 years.

On December 10, last year, at around 11 pm on a road in Wonju, Mr. A decided to engage in prostitution with Mrs. B (14), whom she met through a chatting app, and put Mrs. B in his car.

However, Ms. B, realizing that there was not enough cash for prostitution, tried to get out of Mr. A's car, and Mr. A presented his civil service card, announcing the Miranda principle that 'You have the right to appoint a lawyer and the right to remain silent' impersonated.

At the time, Mr. A presented the civil service card that he had without returning it after he was discharged from the military.

After that, Mr. A imprisoned Ms. B in a vehicle for about 20 minutes, took her to a motel, and said, 'Can I take a rest because my head hurts?'

In the end, to Mr. A, who was handed over to trial, the court said, "The charges of imprisoning a 14-year-old minor in his vehicle under the guise of a police officer and forcibly molesting him are recognized." The sentence was decided in consideration of the fact that the victim was not forgiven,” explained the reason for the sentencing.