A new tone is moving into politics.

At the right time, as always, our representatives discover their philosophical veins.

When is an off an off?

Are we out with the end?

And would an end of the end really be such a horror?

In any case, this introductory seminar has us on edge (locally emission-free), and to paraphrase our former Minister of the Interior, some of the answers unsettled us.

Even more so when the lack of a G-7 belt on Britstar Johnson's trousers made us uneasy during his photo op.

Half past seven there, five past twelve here – clear preference.

* * *

Anna Lena Niemann

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” department.

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In order to be guaranteed not to do anything wrong now, it is best to look around for alternative mobility in good time.

A hot tip at this point is the Achenbach driving system (locally emission-free).

It really drives with the left hand and gets by with a wonderful horsepower.

It couldn't be more efficient and decelerated!

And if you want more dynamics, the larger equipment variant offers a sixteen-legged turbo four-wheeler.

Interested parties cannot see how well this type of driving works and looks in the disused metropolises of Stuttgart, Wolfsburg or Munich, but in the true PS Mecca, in Aachen.

The World Equestrian Festival is held there, as it has been for almost 100 years, and this year until Sunday.

Maybe our mistake was just in the beginning

to give up the carriage of the accursed openness to technology.

That's what we have now.

* * *

However, the team of horses may have one disadvantage.

The implementation of the heat pump offensive that has now been announced (locally emission-free) could also be delayed if the mechanic's car galloped at full speed.

From 2024 onwards, half a million new heat pumps are to be installed every year.

The calculator says that's 1,370 per day, that is 57 per hour, well, as you can guess, the country is supposed to get a new heat pump almost every minute.

That must be this Germany clock.

We're excited to see if that works out.