The Supreme Court has ruled that a man who stole women's legs in a PC room cannot be punished for trespassing.

The 3rd part of the Supreme Court overturned the original sentence of 8 months in prison for Mr. A, who was charged with performance obscenity and trespassing, and returned the case to the Daejeon District Court.

In February last year, Mr. A is accused of lewd behavior by approaching a woman who was shopping at a household goods store, and 10 minutes later, entering another PC room, bowing under the table, and stealing women's legs for 40 minutes. .

Prosecutors saw that A's behavior was a violation of obscenity and trespassing, and sent it to trial.

In the first and second counts, both of the charges of A were found guilty and sentenced to 8 months in prison.

But the Supreme Court decided otherwise.

I was found guilty of committing lewd acts at a household goods store, but not guilty of trespassing on a PC room building.

The Supreme Court ruled that it was difficult to see that the building manager's de facto state of calm was violated, as he entered in the usual way from a business place where the public was allowed to enter.