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"My birthplace left in my mother's adoption papers is 'Sipjeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon. Now I want to find my hometown and my biological parents."

This is the story of a Dutch adoptee, Tim Vander Suit (Korean name Ha Jong-man), who requested to the Adoptee Support Center of the Children's Rights Agency today (3rd) saying he wants to see his biological parents.

Ha was born on May 29, 1971 to a self-employed father and a mother who was a salesperson at a clothing store.

His father, Mr. Ha, was 37 years old at the time, and his mother, Mr. Joo, was 32 years old.

They promised to marry, and while living together, they became pregnant with an adoptee.

However, after parting, it is said that her mother decided to adopt her because she could not raise her by herself.

He was handed over to the adoption agency, the Korean Social Service Society, and was adopted by a Dutch family on November 28 of that year.

He described his physical characteristics, saying, "I have a spot about 2mm in size on my left eyebrow, and the overall shape of my toe is rather narrow, like a pointed shoe."

At the time of being entrusted to the adoption agency, he was wearing a pendant necklace (Catholic necklace) the size of a 100 won coin with a cross.

"My adoptive parents gave me a lot of love, and I grew up in a harmonious family where brothers and sisters help and celebrate together. After majoring in computer systems, I am working as an IT engineer at a Dutch bank."

He said, "I miss my parents, I miss them very much, and I love them," he said.

I said with earnest feelings that I would like to say this when I meet my real parents.

(Photo = Provided by the Adoptee Support Center of the Children's Rights Agency, Yonhap News)