As it is not easy to find accommodation during the holiday season, illegal business is prevalent.

It is a way of doing business by decorating general apartments or multi-family houses as lodging facilities, but such unlicensed businesses can cause various problems.

Correspondent Jo Jae-geun covered the situation.

<Reporter> In

a four-story building in Samcheok, Gangwon, each room has a bed, a toilet and a whirlpool bathtub.

It looks like a lodging establishment, but the target of the building is a detached house.

The total floor area of ​​10 guest rooms exceeded the standard of 230 m², which is the standard for a rural bed and breakfast, by more than twice.

It is an illegal business that is neither a lodging establishment nor a guest house.

In a multi-family house in Gangneung, 4 rooms were posted on a lodging-sharing app, and the crackdown team was caught.

I got 130,000 won per night during the week with cooking utensils in a one-room structure.

[Illegal lodging business owner: (How many rooms are you running here?) 4.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors are all rented on a monthly basis, and the 1st floor doesn't go out well...


In a commercial building in Gangneung, they even made a website and were caught doing illegal lodging business.

[Illegal accommodation business owner: I think there will be a few thousand doing this now.

Then, are you going to take turns doing it like this now?

(Yes, we will continue.)]

There have even been places where apartments that are condominiums are illegally sold to members like condos.

[Apartment guests: You can use it at any time by signing up.

(Did you get a membership?) Yes.

I know that.]

Unlicensed lodging establishments that are not supervised by the authorities cannot purchase disaster liability insurance, so it is difficult to receive compensation in case of an accident such as a fire.

[Jang Hoon-cheol / Gangwon-do Civil Justice Team Leader: Illegal lodging establishments do not receive regular firefighting and hygiene-related inspections, so they are vulnerable to fires and other accidents.


As the summer vacation season approaches, it is necessary to crack down on the relevant authorities, but it seems necessary to prepare an institutional device to filter out illegal lodging establishments from accommodation apps.

(Video coverage: Heo Chun)