Many public places in New York State, including Times Square and the subway, will ban the possession of firearms in the future.

Reuters reported that the New York State Legislature passed a bill to strengthen gun control based on this point.

According to the law, public places where crowds such as government buildings, medical facilities, religious facilities, parks, schools and subways are densely populated are designated as gun-free zones.

This includes places handling alcoholic beverages and recreational marijuana, as well as museums, theaters and stadiums, as well as large squares such as Times Square.

The bill also includes regulations that require that they complete relevant safety training courses to obtain a gun license and also submit an SNS account for so-called 'pre-verification' of gun owners.

This 'quick speed' legislation is a state-level response to the US Supreme Court's earlier ruling recognizing the right to carry a handgun in public.

The U.S. Supreme Court, with its conservative majority, held that New York State's 1913 state law was unconstitutional at the time, requiring that the public must obtain a prior license to carry a pistol outside the home and outside the home.

During the review of the bill, Republican lawmakers opposed it, but New York State's Democrats dominated the bill, so the bill passed smoothly.

The bill will go into effect September 1 if New York Governor Kathy Hocal, who is a Democrat, finally signs the bill.