As the rain stopped, the scorching heat came.

A heat wave warning has been issued for most of the country, and citizens have sheltered from the heat in the water and shade.

This news will be delivered by reporter Park Ye-rin.


On a Saturday afternoon when the sun was pouring instead of the rainy season, the outdoor swimming pool was half water and half water.

Entrust yourself to the bouncing artificial waves or show off your swimming skills to forget about the heat.

Mountains and robberies filled with vacationers.

Hikers enjoy the fresh air at the top of Bukhansan Mountain, and on the river, water skis and boats cut through the water to overcome the scorching heat.

The fountain in the city center has become a playground for children.

They shoot water guns at each other, burst into laughter, and splash in the water without realizing the passage of time in the pouring water.

[Kang Hee-jung/Mapo-gu, Seoul: It is cool, and the baby is so excited and I think it was good to come out.]

[Park Seo-ha/Mapo-gu, Seoul: I like it because I play there.

It's fun.]

Some people went to the indoor experience museum holding children's hands to avoid the sunlight.

The children in waterproof suits had a great time playing with the water stream and throwing a ball into the bucket.

[Jeon Yeong-chan / Gangbuk-gu, Seoul: The sun is too hot outside, so I came to a place where I can do indoor activities rather than outdoor activities.]

Haeundae Beach, which celebrated its first weekend after opening, was crowded with vacationers from all over the country.

The sandy beach is packed with parasols, and the sea is full of summer vacationers enjoying the waves.

[Nam Yun-seong/Daejeon Yuseong-gu: Haeundae is a place that comes to mind when I think of summer vacation, so it's nice to have a family trip like this after a long time.]

Today (2nd), Seoul, Suwon, Incheon, and other regions across the country recorded the highest temperature this year, but the Korea Meteorological Administration recorded the highest temperature this year. We urged people to be careful not to develop heat-related illnesses when doing activities.

(Video coverage: In Pil-seong, Park Hyeon-cheol, Jeong Seong-wook KNN, Video editing: Kim Jong-mi, Helicopter pilot: Min Byeong-ho)