It is an atmosphere of returning to daily life after ending social distancing, but the number of new corona19 patients again exceeded 10,000 in 3 days.

Although the trend of severe cases and deaths is stabilizing, as the full-scale vacation season begins, the government is expected to wait a little longer to determine whether it will be re-infested.

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number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 17,15, and again exceeded 10,000 in three days.

If we look only at domestic cases, it is the fifth day of increase from the same day as the previous week.

The increase also gradually increased, exceeding 3,800.

[Park Hyang/Chief of Prevention and Prevention of Central Accident Resolving Headquarters (Yesterday): It is judged that the main causes are the increase in indoor activity and movement due to summer, a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccination, and a change in the composition of detailed mutations.]

Infection The immunity acquired through this process gradually declines after 3 to 6 months.

In the third week of March, when the number of confirmed cases per day reached 620,000, the peak of the Omicron epidemic, 2.8 million people were confirmed in that week.

Now that more than three months have passed, the time has come for the immunity acquired through infection to gradually decline.

The recent increase also cannot ignore the impact of new mutations, such as BA.5, which evade the existing immune system.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) believes that if the current trend continues, the number of confirmed cases per day could rise to up to 150,000 again.

Experts say that there is no need to worry too soon, as the number of severe cases is around 50 recently and the daily death rate is around 10.

[Kim Nam-joong/Professor of Infectious Diseases, Seoul National University: (Despite the prevalence of mutations) Omicron is still low in severity.

The bed utilization rate for critically ill patients and the number of deaths are the most important indicators, but there is still room…


As of yesterday (1st), the nationwide utilization rate of severe corona patients was 5.2%.

The government will wait another week or two to determine if there is a resurgence.

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