A group of people who stole a car and ran away with the police's prompt response and citizen cooperation were arrested.

According to a video uploaded to the Republic of Korea National Police Agency's Facebook page on the 29th of last month, the police recently received a notification from the wanted vehicle search system that a stolen vehicle had entered the jurisdiction of the Haenam Police Station.

The waiting patrol car of the township division found the theft vehicle and requested a stop, but the theft vehicle ignored the police's request to stop and started running at high speed.

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The patrol car pursued at a speed of over 180 km/h, but it was not enough to catch up with the theft vehicle.

Another patrolman who was listening to the situation over the radio began to block the theft vehicle's on-going lane.

The patrol vehicle, with the cooperation of the citizens, quickly blocked the road.

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Eventually, the car theft gang slowed down due to the controlled road, and after fleeing more than 30 kilometers, they were arrested by the waiting police.

The police plan to apply charges such as special theft and driving without a license to these gangs.

(Photo=Facebook 'Korea National Police Agency')