Let's summarize the non-damage situation.

First of all, in the metropolitan area, there must be quite a few people who could not go to work on time this morning (30th).

There were quite a few roads that were blocked from traffic because of the overnight rain, and there were also some places where the train didn't stop as water filled up to the subway station.

First, reporter Park Chan-beom covered the scene.


This morning, the cars heading to Seoul from northern Gyeonggi were struck by lightning.

This is because vehicles are completely banned from entering the Seoul Eastern Expressway due to torrential rains in the metropolitan area.

Vehicles were lined up to return to the other road.

[Kim Bok-seong / Taxi Driver: If you look behind here (Nowon, Seoul) Dongil-ro is pushed back a lot.

(East arterial road) A lot of customers use it, people who go to Uijeongbu.]

As such, both directions of the entire section are being controlled differently than usual due to concerns about rising water levels in the Jungnangcheon Stream.

Police personnel are deployed at key points in each control section to prepare for any unexpected accidents.

Sometimes they try to enter the road without knowing it is being controlled, but they get stopped by the police and return.

[Driver: I'm out of my mind right now.

I'm on my way here, but it's blocked, so my heart is pounding.]

[Driver: (East Expressway) I use it a lot.

No, why is the flooding over, I’m going to Uijeongbu…


The low-lying road became a sea of ​​water with no way to prevent entry and exit due to heavy rain exceeding 30 mm per hour.

The car that was driving suddenly stopped in the middle of the road because it could not get out of the rising water.

Police took control to prevent further damage, but more than 10 vehicles were towed in the flooding on the road alone.

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[Lee Dong-ho/Towing Driver: This is a situation where you have to tow everything.

All in all, there are more than 10 people, and I have been working since 5:30 (a.m.) until now (afternoon).]

At Seryu Station on Subway Line 1, water flowed in to the extent that the ankles of the passengers were submerged.

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Because of fears of an accident, the subway passed by this station without stopping for two hours.

[Seol Ho-jin/Seoryu Station Manager: Actually, the floor is full of water, so I fell on the way there, so I got a call and stopped after that

. I decided to do it.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-cheol, Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Park Ji-in)