A dizzying accident occurred when a fire extinguisher exploded in front of a vehicle that was driving on the highway.

On the 21st, an article titled 'Extinguishing highway fire extinguisher' was posted on the online community Bobae Dream.

According to the black box video released by author A, a fire extinguisher that fell on the highway was trampled on by a large trailer vehicle traveling in three lanes and exploded.

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In some cases, a dangerous situation was created, with white powder spewing out of the exploded fire extinguisher in all directions, obscuring the view of the vehicle following.

After that, the fire extinguisher rolled over the 4 lanes and onto the shoulder.

Person A, who uploaded the video, explained the situation at the time, saying, "The fire extinguisher fell on the highway and the trailer stepped on it and caused the fire extinguisher to explode."

He also released a picture of the rear camera, expressing concern, saying, "I hope nothing happened to the vehicle behind."

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▲ A picture of the rear camera released by Mr. A

Netizens who saw the video responded, "I'm glad it didn't lead to a major accident", "We need to manage falling objects thoroughly", "It's like a scene from a game", etc.

Meanwhile, recent accidents with falling objects, such as beer cans loaded from cargo vehicles falling on the road or containers falling from trailers, have occurred frequently, requiring drivers to pay attention.

(Photo=Online Community)