Following the father in his 40s who habitually assaulted his one-month-old daughter, the mother in her 30s, who did not stop it and filmed it with a cell phone, was also arrested.

On the 29th, the Incheon District Prosecutor's Office's Women's and Child Crime Investigation Department (Chief Prosecutor Bong-Jun Kim) announced on the 29th that it had arrested and indicted Vietnamese woman A on charges of neglect and neglect under the Act on Special Cases concerning Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes.

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A is accused of neglecting her husband B, who abused her one-month-old daughter over several weeks without restraint.

In particular, Mr. A was found to have filmed a video of husband B abusing her daughter with a mobile phone, and during a police investigation, he stated, "I did this to show later how wrong my husband was."

Meanwhile, husband B is accused of assaulting and killing his one-month-old daughter.

On March 5 of this year, Mr. B was arrested and charged with attempted murder by habitually abusing his daughter, such as pouring milk powder into her nose or putting a towel in her mouth and assaulting her head, for reasons such as crying.

As a result of Mr. B's abuse, her 1 month old daughter suffered a skull fracture and cerebral hemorrhage, and was hospitalized.

(Photo = Yonhap News)