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A middle school teacher in Seoul was controversial for using derogatory expressions for the disabled on the moral performance evaluation worksheet, and the parents of the disabled have urged the school to discipline the teacher.

The Gwanak Branch of the Seoul Disabled Parents’ Solidarity held a press conference on the afternoon of the 30th and said, “We are demanding the school to discipline teachers who use derogatory expressions on the performance evaluation sheet and to educate all staff and students on disability awareness. "He said.

Earlier, in an online community, a middle school moral performance evaluation study sheet containing derogatory terms for people with disabilities was released.

In the example text of the workbook, 'XX must die.

Because it is XX'.

The author who posted the post criticized it, saying, "It is the level of a moral textbook created by the teacher himself. That a teacher like this is teaching students. Shouldn't we have to start with a mental evaluation?"

As the controversy arose, it was known that the teacher who produced the worksheet in question took sick leave from school.

At a press conference held on the same day, the Solidarity for Disabled Parents said, "Something that shouldn't have happened in a school that should teach inclusive values. work,” he pointed out.

He added, "This should not be dismissed as a single school problem or individual deviation."

In response, the school said, "In the name of the principal, we apologized to parents and students through the website and individual text messages, and we conducted a complete investigation to see if there are any problems in other subjects." said.

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