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The story of a delivery driver was told that he is receiving complaints from some residents for delivering by elevator from the apartment.

Recently, on an online community, an article titled 'It's so embarrassing to see a text message from a delivery driver' was posted.

The author revealed the text message sent by the courier to the apartment residents and was furious, saying, "I was so shocked to see the contents. That there are still people like this."

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

In the text message, the delivery driver said, "Please read to the residents of ○○ apartment. Some people are dissatisfied with the delivery by elevator and curse when they meet (me), and others ask me to come when no one is there." "When is that time anyway? I can't understand how to deliver without taking the elevator," he complained.

He continued, "The sorting work is finished at 11 am and I'm leaving early, but I'm not the only one or two people who say something while frowned on that they've been on the elevator for a long time. do,” he added.

The delivery driver also asked for his understanding, saying, "(The residents) must be busy, but aren't we busy?" "Please.

Finally, he said, "I will not take the elevator if you swear once more and talk nonsense during delivery." He said, "Like other apartments in other areas, in front of the elevator on the 2nd basement floor, we will put the address and number of the CCTV in front of the elevator, so please visit us. I hope you don't come."

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as "If you're going to say that you're riding an elevator, don't order a delivery service", "There are a lot of selfish people", "People who curse like that should take the delivery service themselves."