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News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening.

A family of missing elementary school students who hoped to be safe, but eventually returned with a corpse.

It's sad news, but what happened to a couple in their 30s and a family of three in elementary school?

The circumstances that have come out of the police investigation so far are that there was financial pain and it seems that he made the wrong choice.

So what's wrong with a little child?           

An elementary school student's family was eventually found dead

The car of a family member of an elementary school student who disappeared off the coast of Songgok Port, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do came up on the water, and three bodies were also recovered from the car.

Although the identity must be confirmed through fingerprint analysis, the police believe that the elementary school family is certain based on the fact that the attire matches the CCTV footage of the missing family member.

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Now, the police are gathering their investigative powers to determine the family's life history, the cause of death, and the circumstances that led to the death.

A young couple in their mid-30s and a daughter in elementary school.

What's the story behind this family?  

Cryptocurrency and sleeping pills searched

The police analyzed the portal site activity history of elementary school students' families, and there are words that can guess the background of the incident.

It is said that the parents searched the internet for 'Luna Coin', a cryptocurrency, several times in the Songgok Port area of ​​Wando.

The 'Luna Coin' is a domestic coin that has caused a huge shock wave due to the collapse, such as a 97% drop in price within a week. 

In addition, it appears that they have searched for 'sleeping pills', and there is also a history of searching for 'breakwater', 'fall', 'scale', etc.

The police are cautiously presuming that the parents made an extreme choice.

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There are several circumstances in which the family suffered financial difficulties. It is said that the parents organized a computer-related business in the first half of last year, and there were piles of card payment reminders at home.

There are also statements that they have not been able to pay their monthly rent.

A family tragedy caused by economic hardship.

The investigation into the case is proceeding in a situation that I hoped not to be.

Apply for Jeju Island experiential learning and apply to Wando

Let's recap what happened to the elementary school family over the past month.

Parents submit an application on the 17th of last month to leave for experiential learning outside of Jeju Island through the school website.

The period is from May 19th to June 15th.

I want to go to 'Jeju Island for a month'. 

However, there was no sign of booking transportation or accommodation to Jeju, and I made a reservation at a pension near Myeongsasimni in Wando.

It is presumed that the trip to Jeju Island was not in mind from the beginning.

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The family stayed at the pension we booked from the 24th of last month, 5 days after the experiential learning period started, and left the pension on the night of the 30th.

At this time, CCTV footage of the mother of an elementary school student carrying her elementary school student out was recorded on CCTV.

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It is said that elementary school students and their mother's cell phones were turned off around 1 am on the 31st, two hours after they left the pension, and three hours later, their father's cell phone was also turned off near Songgok Port, a 5-minute drive from the pension.

His whereabouts after that were unknown.

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When the student did not go to school even after the off-campus experiential learning period was over, the school tried to contact the parents, but no contact was reached.

When I visited my home, I thought it was unusual, such as a pile of mail, so I reported it to the police.

Create measures to manage off-campus experiential learning

The education authorities have decided to discuss measures to manage off-campus experiential learning students.

There was a video conference between the vice minister of education and the vice superintendent of the provincial and provincial offices of education. At this meeting, the Ministry of Education requested that the Ministry of Education prepare a plan to ensure the safety of students during off-campus experiential learning (including home study) and spread it to schools at each level.

In off-campus experiential learning, each family conducts experiential learning with prior permission from the principal, and submits a learning report and supporting materials to be recognized as attendance.

It was created with the purpose of giving each family an opportunity to educate their children through out-of-school activities such as cultural heritage tours, nature observation activities, job experiences, farming and fishing village experiences, and visiting relatives. 

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Off-campus experiential learning is not neglected, and the Incheon Office of Education has been implementing the 'Long-term home study and experiential learning child safety and health check plan' since March last year.

If you apply for experiential learning for more than 5 consecutive days, the homeroom teacher calls the child at least once a week to confirm safety and health.

heavy questions

Investigation into this case is ongoing, but if the family made an extreme choice, as the police estimated, what would the young daughter be guilty of?

Could it not have been that her parents' decision, independent of her own will, deprived her of her right to life? 

The plight of her parents is pitiful, but does a parent have the right to take their child's life?

What should society think about to prevent this from happening?

a piece of the day

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It rained a lot in North Korea, too, but the North Korean media reported that the water in the Taedong River rose and exceeded the warning level.

A video of the facility in Dunchi being flooded was also released, and the picture is a screen of North Korea's Chosun Central TV.

(Photo = Yonhap News, Chosun Central TV)

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