In a performance with the theme of 'shooting a water gun', a video of some audiences shooting water guns at the singer's face was released and is controversial.


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On the 26th, while the children of the group were performing at the 'Water Bomb' festival held at Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, some spectators focused on shooting water guns at member Shuhua's face.

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While dancing, Shuhua couldn't open her eyes properly and turned around to avoid it, but the water gun baptism continued.

After the performance, he mentioned a water gun attack on an online broadcast.

He said, "I was very surprised. I was avoiding the water with my lenses on, but when I opened my eyes, I couldn't see anyone for 30 seconds."

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'Water Bomb' is a music festival where the audience and the artist form a team and enjoy the stage while having a water fight with the other team.

Fans understand the nature of the performance, but criticize the intentional targeting of the face or eyes as crossing the line.

Netizens commented, "Even kindergarteners should know that you shouldn't shoot in the face... that's rude!", "The organizers should have announced it first or prepared something like goggles."

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(Screen source: Twitter chapter_ysh, YQSH9900)