Heavy rain is continuing in the metropolitan area including northern Gyeonggi.

In particular, on the Imjin River side, the water level can rise sharply if North Korea opens the dam door.

We connect reporters who are out at Gunnam Dam on the Imjin River.

Reporter Park Se-won, how is the situation there now?


Yes, it is raining little by little in the Gunnam Dam area.

The water level at Gunnam Dam was 29.4 meters as of 00:00 today (30th), slightly lower than yesterday evening.

As the rain continued for several days, as you can see from the back, the water in the Imjin River has risen a lot.

As the meteorological authorities have issued a heavy rain warning here in Yeoncheon since 7:30 pm yesterday, the water level of the Imjin River may rise higher between dawn.

The Gunnam Dam situation room has 13 sluice gates open and 3,000 tons of water is pouring out per second.

It appears that North Korea has not yet opened the floodgates of the Hwanggang Dam, just 57 kilometers from here. 

However, it has already rained heavily in North Korea, so there is a possibility that the floodgates of the Hwanggang Dam will be opened to control the water level.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation in real time, sending out warning messages to residents around the dam.


Please tell us about the situation in the metropolitan area, including the Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.


Yes, a heavy rain warning has been issued for some areas in northern Gyeonggi and southern Gyeonggi, and a heavy rain advisory has been issued for other metropolitan areas.

The water level at Jamsu Bridge in Seoul stood at 3.77 meters 20 minutes ago.

There is still quite a bit left until the 5.5m limit, which is the standard for blocking pedestrians.

The discharge amount from Paldang Dam, which affects the water level of the Han River, has increased from 900 tons per second last night to over 1,600 tons.

Above 2,000 tons, the flood control station is put on emergency duty.

There may be some controlled sections on the way to work in the morning, so it is advisable to prepare traffic information in advance.