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Police arrested a man who threw a fire extinguisher at the bus driver after an argument over fares broke out.

Jeonju Deokjin Police Station in Jeonbuk Province announced today (29th) that it is investigating Mr.

Person A is accused of spraying the driver with an emergency fire extinguisher installed inside the vehicle while inside a city bus passing Deokjin-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si around 8 am on the 25th.

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According to the police, at that time, Mr. A asked for a "student fee" while giving out a general card.

The driver refused, saying, "Then why do you have to pay for a student card, then why do you have to pay a regular card?" In the end, Mr. A paid cash and boarded the bus.

After that, Mr. A took the 400 won that was placed in the cash box as change, but it was understood that an argument broke out when the driver asked, "Why do you take 100 more won when you only have to take 300 won?"

When the bus stopped to wait for a signal, it is known that Mr. A approached the driver with an emergency fire extinguisher in the car, sprayed it, and then fled.

Fortunately, he was waiting for a signal, so it didn't lead to a major accident.

A police official said, "Mr. A found the district unit and surrendered himself to the crime." "We are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident."