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A man in his 30s was arrested by the police after receiving compensation from sushi restaurants by deceiving him to have gastroenteritis. 

Gyeongnam Jinju Police Station announced today (28th) that they had booked A (37) without detention on charges of habitual fraud. 

From the 14th to the 27th of last month, Mr. A is accused of calling dozens of sushi restaurants in Gyeongnam, such as Jinju and Sacheon, and demanding compensation, saying, "I have a stomach ache due to enteritis." 

It was found that Mr. A, who lives in Seoul, searched the Internet and called 38 sushi restaurants he had never visited, and stole a total of 3.1 million won from 21 places. 

A business owner deceived by A felt suspicious and reported it to the police, and A's crimes were discovered.

The police are expanding the investigation, believing that Mr. A committed the same crimes in other areas such as Gangwon, Busan, and Jeju.