After the Commissioner of the National Police Agency expressed his resignation amid the police control movement of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the police are in a chaotic atmosphere.

The protests from the front-line police are intensifying, and the command team is in a panic.

This is the report by Lee Seong-hoon.

<Reporter> After Kim Chang-

ryong, chief of the National Police Agency, resigned, the first place the National Police Workers' Council, the police union, went to was the Government Complex in Sejong, where the Ministry of Public Administration and Security is located.

He held a press conference in front of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's main building and raised the level of criticism, saying, "Arbitrary control without a national consensus goes against the flow of the times."

[Ik-Hwan Yeo/Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Workplace Council: The people have only the power to control the police, and the people have delegated such control to the National Police Commission by law.]

The police commander without the head seems to be in a panic.

A video conference was held with the national command post presided over by the deputy chief of the National Police Agency, Yoon Hee-geun, who is acting as the commissioner of the National Police Agency.

A police officer who attended the meeting said in a phone call with SBS, "There was no formal opinion gathering process." "There is a police system development TF, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security also said that they would cooperate with the National Police Agency, so we only talked in principle, such as trusting each other and communicating with the scene. came out,” he explained.

Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, who gave a press briefing yesterday, also held a press conference today (28th) to drive public opinion.

He repeatedly emphasized the need for police control in accordance with the law, even though he will make an active effort to resolve conflicts with the police.

[Lee Sang-min/Minister of Public Administration and Security: I am actually protesting in the front line of the police, but I do not understand the cause.

It's not like we're putting in new additional controls, but in line with the law...


He also said that public opinion convergence would be sufficient in the next two months, and that by the end of August, a new police support organization within the Ministry of Public Administration and Security would be possible.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Ha Seong-won)