The police investigating the disappearance of an elementary school student and three family members in Wando, Jeollanam-do, found a car off the coast of Wando today (28th).

It is true that the vehicle of the missing family member was in the car, but it is not yet confirmed whether there are people in the car because it is not visible because it is under water.

The salvage work is expected to take place tomorrow.

Let's connect the scene right away.

Reporter Young-seul Koo of KBC, please tell us the details.


Yes, I am now at the breakwater near Songgok Port, Wando.

At around 5:12 pm today, a vehicle was found at the end of the cage farm, about 80 meters away from here.

The vehicle found at a depth of 10m was turned over and part of the front part was embedded in the mud flat.

As a result of the divers approaching and checking, it was confirmed that the license plate also matched the vehicle of the missing family at 5:55, about 40 minutes later.

However, as it is dark inside, it is not yet confirmed whether there are people, and it is known that some oil items such as bags were secured from the trunk of the vehicle.

Earlier, the police conducted an intensive search around 3:30 pm today after discovering some of the vehicle parts in the sea near Songgok Port.

The disappearance of the Wando family became known on the 22nd, when the school reported that a student who went for experiential learning did not attend.

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The cell phone base station of the family who was going to Jeju was caught in Wando, and after a search by the police, the vehicle was found 7 days after reporting the disappearance.

The police said that after taking measures to ensure that there are no lost objects, the vehicle salvage work will begin tomorrow at 10 am.

(Video coverage: Na Byeong-wook KBC)


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At the same time, the police are looking into the reason why the family living in Gwangju suddenly left Wando.

Police believe that the family suffered hardship for a considerable period of time before their disappearance and are closely examining the couple's financial transactions.

KBC reporter Jo Yoon-jung listened to the stories of people around him.

<Reporter> This

is an electronic appliance complex in Gwangju, where Cho Yang's father worked until June of last year.

Mr. Cho has been running a computer vendor here for over four years.

Those who worked on the same floor as Mr. Cho said that Mr. Cho complained of financial difficulties for a long time.

He is especially known for having invested quite a bit of money in virtual currency and then lost money.

[Nearby business merchant: They say something like a coin.

I opened the monitor wide and looked at (coin charts) a lot.

You see a lot of graphs.]

It is said that exchanges with nearby merchants were cut off after the vendor closed due to the worsening economic situation.

In front of Mr. Cho's house, reminders for credit cards were piled up, and it is known that he had tens of millions of won in credit card debt, so it is highly probable that the family suffered from extreme hardship.

The police, who have been focusing on the search for communication records, are closely examining the financial transactions of the couple.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyung-soo KBC)