It has been nearly 50 days since the Blue House was opened.

It is said that more than 1 million people have already visited, but there are concerns such as damage to the facility because it was opened without preparation.

When the Blue House opened on the 10th of last month, there was no separation between the viewing area and the protected area, and there were no rules for viewing.

Visitors brought mats, kimbap, and fruits with peels, and in some cases, they drank alcohol and climbed a tree to sit down.

The Cultural Heritage Administration, which was later entrusted with management authority from the Presidential Office, released the 'Rules for Visiting the Blue House, etc.'.

You are not allowed to bring in open flames, flammable substances, or fruits that generate a large amount of garbage, which may cause a fire, and you are not allowed to touch or damage major facilities or cultural properties.

In principle, cases such as the case where singer Rain's entertainment program filming was conducted for free on the 17th will become impossible in principle.

According to the provision of permission to use the place, if it is judged that it contains a commercial activity, it is not allowed to use it.