A 30-year-old woman has been sentenced to prison for spraying instant glue on the 4-month-old daughter of an ex-colleague who had a vengeance.

Incheon District Court 9th Criminal Division Judge Jeong Hee-young announced today (28th) that he sentenced A (33, female), who was charged with child abuse and special injury under the Child Welfare Act, to two years and six months in prison.

At about 2:55 pm on September 4, last year, at the house of former co-worker B in Namdong-gu, Incheon, Mr. A was indicted on charges of spraying instant adhesive on the eyes of Mr. B's daughter, C, who was 4 months old.

It was investigated that he committed the crime while Mr. B went to the balcony to check the washing machine.

Miss C was unable to open her eyes properly as her instant glue hardened, and she was taken to the hospital emergency room where she underwent treatment to remove her glued eyelashes for nearly a month.

When Mr. A's first crime was not caught, she said, "I miss Miss C." She contacted Mr. B, and on the 30th day of the same month, she went to Mr. B's house and she It turned out that he had flashed glue inside his nose.

At the time, he committed the crime while Mr. B went to her kitchen to pick up a baby bottle, and Mrs. C was treated at the hospital because her nasal mucosa was damaged.

Fortunately, Ms. C didn't have any damage to her cornea or vision, nor did she suffer from respiratory problems, but she said for a while after the incident that she was known to cry or suffer from eating disorders when she saw strangers.

When the investigation began, Mr. A completely denied her crimes and sued Mr. B for defamation.

However, when questioned by the investigative agency, Mr. A is said to have confessed, "In the past, Mr. B said, 'I drink alcohol (so) often, but what will my child to be born learn from?' .

At the trial, Mr. A claimed, "At the time of the crime, he was in a state of mental and physical weakness due to severe bipolar disorder," but Judge Jung said, "If you look at the words and actions of the accused before and after the crime, he does not appear to be in a state of being incapable of discriminating between things or making decisions." judged.

Judge Jung said, "The accused injected a dangerous cyanoacrylate-based instant adhesive into both eyes and nose of the young victim.

"The victim's mother complained of serious psychological pain," he said.