A circumstance was caught that a family of an elementary school student who went missing while said they were going to a suburban experiential learning experience was rushing to prepare for the suburban experiential learning.

According to the Gwangju Southern Police Department and an elementary school today (27th), Jo Yuna (10)'s parents filed an application on the 17th of last month to leave for experiential learning in the suburbs of Jeju Island with Joyang through the school website.

The period for this family to apply for off-campus experiential learning was from May 19th to the 15th of this month.

It was also found that the accommodation for the family was also booked on the same day they applied for the experiential learning, but the accommodation was not in Jeju Island, which the family said to be their destination, but in a pension near Myeongsasimni, Wando, Jeollanam-do.

It is presumed that Jeju Island's suburban experiential learning was not considered from the beginning.

Coincidentally, it was also confirmed that Chaoyang did not appear at school on the day she applied for her out-of-school activities.

Chaoyang's parents told him that he couldn't attend school because he was sick, so it was reported that the school treated him as a 'disease absence'.

The next day, the 18th, was a local holiday and all students were not at school, so the school did not see Chaoyang from the day she applied for experiential learning until she reported her disappearance to the police.

It was found that the Chaoyang family stayed at the pension they booked from the 24th of last month, 5 days after the experiential learning period started.

She stayed for 4 days until the 28th, then went back one day and entered the room again on the 29th, and then left the pension at 11 pm on the 30th.

On the 31st, two hours after leaving the pension, the cell phones of Joyang and her mother were turned off at 20 minute intervals around 1 am, respectively, and three hours later, around 4 am, near Songgok Port, a 5-minute drive from the pension, The phone was also turned off.

The disappearance of the Chaoyang family, whose whereabouts have been unknown since then, was reported by the school, which found it strange that Chaoyang did not go to school even after the out-of-school experiential learning period was over.

The police have been searching for the whereabouts of the Chaoyang family for six days from the 22nd of this month to today.

About 200 experienced people are searching the coast, nearby villages and mountains, centering on the place where the cell phone of the Chaoyang family is turned off, and considering the possibility that the vehicle has crashed into the sea, two drones, a helicopter, and a Coast Guard patrol boat equipped with underwater detection equipment, etc. will be mobilized to search and dispatch divers.