After the first confirmed case of monkey pox in Korea last week, vaccinations were given to medical staff today (27th).

This is in case there are more confirmed cases, but we used the second-generation smallpox vaccine we had in Korea.

Reporter Hyung-woo Jeon visited the National Medical Center.


This is the National Medical Center, which will be in charge of isolation and treatment when a confirmed case of monkey pox occurs.

20 medical staff, including infectious disease doctors, volunteered to vaccinate.

The first confirmed case of monkey pox in Korea is currently being treated at the Incheon Medical Center, as additional confirmed cases will be transferred to this place.

Put the solution in a bottle of vaccine powder and mix, then dip the vaccine into a 'branching needle', which is divided into two like a fork, and then poke it into your arm.

It is a method of puncturing the skin about 15 times to injure the skin and allowing the vaccine to be absorbed.

[Lee Hanna/Nurse at the National Medical Center: I was a little scared because I got stabbed 15 times, but it doesn't hurt as much as I thought, so I'm fine now.]

The 3rd generation vaccine for monkey pox has not been introduced yet, so I used the 2nd generation smallpox vaccine in Korea.

[Kim Yeon-jae / Head of Infectious Disease Response Team, National Medical Center: (2nd generation vaccine) is known to be effective in preventing about 85% of monkey pox.

] is injected twice.

Incheon Medical Center is also reviewing vaccinations for medical staff.

Meanwhile, it is known that the condition of the first confirmed patient is gradually improving.

Among those who flew on the same plane as the confirmed person who arrived from Germany, there have been no suspicious symptoms so far.

(Video Edit: So-Young Lee)

▶ "Vaccinate within 14 days of contact with a person with monkey pox"