Long-established stores in Seoul are disappearing one by one.

Eulji-myeonok, a naengmyeon restaurant that has been in one place for 37 years, has also closed.

Pyeongyang naengmyeon restaurant in Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul for 37 years, has closed its doors on the 25th.

The recent court ruling that the building should be handed over to the redevelopment company has resulted in the absence of the seat.

According to the last business news, about 100 customers were waiting in line to eat the last bowl of naengmyeon, even when the weather was over 30 degrees Celsius on that day.

Euljimok is not the only long-established store closing its doors.

Most of them have been closed due to financial difficulties due to COVID-19, local redevelopment projects, or rent conflicts.

Eulji Obi Bear, which is called the origin of Euljiro Nogari Alley, was forcibly demolished in April after a long conflict with the building owner. I couldn't win and it went out of business earlier this month.