The owner was arrested on charges of detaining female employees at an entertainment establishment in Gangwon-do and habitually assaulting them for over a year.

Only five victims have been identified so far.

They were not able to report because they were afraid of retaliation, but only after the store closed due to Corona, they reported the damage to the police.

Reporter Choi Kyung-sik of G1 Broadcasting reported exclusively.


It is an entertainment establishment in Wonju.

Furniture and clothes are scattered all over the place.

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Mr. A, who worked as an employee here for over a year from last year to last year, suffered a terrible job.

A was detained in the dormitory and suffered from all kinds of assault and cruel treatment by two female owners.

Assaulting with bare hands is common.

Golf clubs, hangers, needles and cable ties were not enough, and even weapons were mobilized.

[Victim woman A: I got hit a lot on the soles of my feet.

The reason I got hit on the sole of her foot is because when I hit her on the body it leaves a scar.

You shouldn't show her guests that she has bruises.] After being

beaten so seriously, both ears of Mr. A have turned into a heterogeneous hematoma, also known as 'dumpling ears', a disease caused by constant stimulation of a martial artist.

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In particular, in this small room of about 2 pyeong, where Mr. A was imprisoned, terrible cruelty that will not be forgotten for the rest of his life also took place.

I poured hot water on my legs to burn them, and

[Victim woman A: I applied burn ointment and regenerating ointment, so this was enough.

Both sides of her sit down on her knees and pour water on it so that's all this line is for.

There were many days when she wrapped her leash and dog leash around her body with only her underwear on, preventing her from stumbling


Mr. B, who worked at the same establishment, suffered similar damage.

[Victim Woman B: I'm going to kill you (her weapon), put it in her mouth and put it to her face.

I thought so much that I was going to die by tying her with her underwear.]

Only five women were identified.

The business owners vehemently denied the charges during the investigation, but the police arrested them on 16 charges, including habitual special assault and joint confinement.

(Video coverage: Won Jong-chan G1 broadcast, CG: Lee Min-seok G1 broadcast)