Cyworld has decided to launch a 'digital inheritance right protection service' that delivers the copyright of a deceased member's post to the bereaved family.

Accordingly, it seems that the discussion about digital inheritance rights will be held again.

Among Cyworld's amended terms of use, the provision of 'service to provide posts to members' heirs' states, "In the event of a member's death, the copyright of posts posted by a member in the service will be inherited by the heir without any separate procedure. is excluded".

Exclusive right refers to a right that cannot be attributed to another person by its nature.

The agreement also states, "The company may provide a service by copying a member's published postings to a separate medium at the request of the heir of a deceased member." In principle, we are committed to providing services.”

In order for the heir to use these services, he/she must submit ▲ a copy of the decedent member’s expulsion ▲ the heir’s family relationship certificate ▲ other materials that the company requests additionally for clarification.

As for the reason for starting this service, Cyworld Jet, which operates Cyworld, said, "We received an official request for digital data transfer from the bereaved family of a top actor. Access to Cyworld's photos, videos and diaries, where many memories of the deceased remain. They asked for permission,” he explained.

CyworldJet added, "There is no law that explicitly regulates digital heritage in Korea. I did.

As Cyworld decides to offer such a service, the debate over handling 'digital legacy' seems set to begin again.

In Korea, various opinions have been sharply opposed on the types and scope of digital heritage and the qualifications of heirs.

Previously, Naver created a digital heritage policy and supported bereaved families' requests for backup of public information such as blog posts of the deceased.

(Photo = Yonhap News)