Starting wave at Pornhub.

The CEO of the porn site, Feras Antoon, and the director of operations of the platform, David Tassillo, have just resigned, according to information from


relayed by BFMTV.

Like other X sites, Pornhub has faced numerous accusations regarding access to minors for the past few years.

In France, Arcom (ex-CSA), took legal action last March to request the blocking of five pornographic sites (Pornhub, Tukif, Xhamster, Xvideos and Xnxx), summoned in vain to prevent minors from accessing to their contents.

rape videos

Pornhub's moderation system is also singled out, with the dissemination of videos containing sexual and gender-based violence.

BFMTV recalls that Antoon and Tassillo had already been heard in 2021 by a Canadian parliamentary commission to answer these accusations.

They then indicated that a blocking of problematic content had been put in place.

The platform has also been the subject of numerous complaints.

One of them, dating from June 2021, brings together 34 women accusing the site of hosting rape videos.

Pornhub is also accused of relaying child pornography videos.

The various reports concerning this content would never have led to withdrawals.

The company has thus lost many advertising or banking partnerships and it is now its leaders who are leaving the ship.


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