'Luna' was once one of the world's top 10 coins with a market cap exceeding 50 trillion won.

Luna, a token for cryptocurrency, also called 'K-Coin' because it was made by Koreans, recorded a sharp drop of -99.99% in just one week in mid-May 2022.

The lost market capitalization of 50 trillion won and 280,000 domestic investors in Luna... South Korean prosecutors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating the Luna-Terra incident, and is it a planned fraud or a management failure? Curiosity inside and outside the coin market is growing.

This question is addressed through the testimony of a former Terraform Labs employee.

(Director/planning Park Byeong-il / Reporting/casting Jin Song-min / Video coverage Kim Hyun-sang / Video editing Kim Cho-a / Subtitle composition Ahn Hye-jin / Cinematography Assistant Jo Min-hyeok / AD Lim Jeong-dae)