The story of a customer who pointed out that the chicken ordered for delivery had hair stuck in it, and then received a text message from the owner of the chicken restaurant to say “Apologize” again.


Click 3rd search term is 'hair on chicken'.

Netizen Mr. A has hair stuck in the chicken he received.

Her hair is so deep that it comes with chicken if you pick it up, suggesting it went in when frying the chicken.

In response, Mr. A wrote "I will never eat again" in the delivery review and gave it one star.

The conflict started when the store owner, who saw the review, sent a protest text to Mr.

Although the owner apologized for having hair in the chicken, he protested, saying, "Even so, I should receive an apology for publicly accusing me of giving it one star and saying 'I won't eat it again'."

He also referred to Mr. A as a 'black consumer' and wrote, "I will not give you a refund. Because the customer is also at fault."

At this, Mr. A was furious, saying that the store owner was showing a negative attitude.

Netizens responded, "Anyone can make a mistake, but their ignorant attitude is the worst." and "If you don't give 5 points, are you a black consumer? Then why do you need a star rating system?!"

(Screen source: Online community)