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a report came in that a teacher abused children at a daycare center in Gyeonggi-do, the police launched an investigation.

As a result of analyzing the CCTV of the daycare center for two months, there were over 200 cases of suspected abuse, and there were eight children who were victims.

First of all, this is reporter Park Ye-rin.


Approaching the boy in her line, he grabs her hair and knocks it down.

She raises the lying child and pushes her head, then grabs her arm and pulls her into her chair, then pushes her head against her desk.

It happened at a daycare center in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

In early December of last year, her grandmother, who found wounds all over her 5-year-old grandson's body, asked the head of her daycare center to view CCTV, but she was refused.

[Gun B's grandmother: (Director) I saw what she did when she hit her butt and grabbed her ankle because she didn't sleep.

I didn't do such (abuse) behavior, so I hope you don't watch the CCTV'.]

Afterwards, there was another wound, and the words of Grandson C's that the teacher beat him, the CCTV footage found at the daycare center was shocking.

[Gun B's grandmother: I couldn't say anything.

Just thinking that I'm sad, thinking that I'm sorry for us (grandson)...


A police investigation started with a report from the parents of C.

In addition to group C, childcare teacher A was additionally accused of abusing seven children in the same class.

There are about 210 suspected cases of abuse confirmed in CCTV footage of the daycare center for two months.

[The victim's mother: I am angry, so I know this now. Actually, I am very angry right now...


Victims are receiving psychological treatment for trauma.

[The victim's mother: The words that my child is still afraid of are teachers, daycare centers, etc.


Mr. A told SBS reporters why he did this.

[Nursery teacher A: Why should the report go out?]

The police are investigating teacher A and director B on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, Kim Se-kyung, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)