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Controversy has arisen because it is known that a notice was posted in a women's bathroom stating, 'Please protect the fantasy of male employees'.

Recently in an online community, an article titled 'Disgusting precautions in our neighborhood toilet' was posted.

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In the photo released by author A, the guide to the women's restroom reads, 'Do not throw cigarette butts, tissue paper, wet wipes, or general tissues into the toilet.

There is a trash can next to it.

Then, 'If the toilet is clogged, there are cases where the backflow can make it impossible to use the toilet' and 'Absolutely no smoking'.

The following phrase was raised by Mr. A.

At the bottom of the notice, "A male employee who is full of fantasies about women cleans.

Help me keep her fantasy,' it writes.

Mr. A broke her anger saying, "I don't know why I have fantasies in the bathroom."

Netizens who saw this expressed discomfort, such as, "Do you have any illusions that there is something different between women and men", "You can just tell them to use it cleanly, but that's not the case", "Looking at that notice, it seems uncomfortable to use the bathroom".

A guide with similar content has been controversial once.

In 2017, in a PC room in Jungnang-gu, Seoul and a cafe in Gwangju, it was known that a notice was attached to the women's restroom saying, 'A man part-timer with a fantasy about women cleans', and there were opinions that it caused discomfort even at the time.

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