A man in his 60s who went missing in an accident near the Sihwa Embankment Ssangseom in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do was found dead today (18th) when a rubber boat was sucked into a drainage canal.

The Pyeongtaek Maritime Police Station said that at 8:35 am today, a person in his 60s was found in the sea near the 18th lighthouse in Incheon New Port.

Person A went missing on the 12th at around 9 am while fishing at the Sihwa Embankment on a rubber boat, when the boat was sucked in by the current of the seawall drainage.

In addition to Mr. A, there were 3 people in the rubber boat, Mr. B in his 60s and Mr. C in his 50s (Chinese nationality). After the accident, Mr. B and Mr. C were rescued by a fishing boat passing by.

However, B, who was found unconscious, was taken to the hospital, but eventually died, and C was not seriously injured.

They were all wearing life jackets.

In order to find the whereabouts of Mr. A, the Coast Guard has continued the search operation for a week by sending in about 100 coast guard ships, naval ships, and private rescue boats, 7 helicopters, and 300 reconnaissance teams.

Then, at around 8 am today, we received a report from a fishing boat passing the sea 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) away from the accident location, and dispatched to rescue the body of Mr. A.

The Coast Guard is investigating the exact cause of the accident with witnesses such as Mr. C who survived.

(Photo = Courtesy of Pyeongtaek Coast Guard, Yonhap News)