A 40-year-old man who stabbed and killed his ex-wife and his younger brother's wife was arrested.

Jeon Jae-hyeon, a judge in charge of warrants at the Jeongeup branch of the Jeonju District Court, issued an arrest warrant for a 49-year-old man who was requested by the prosecution on charges such as murder today (18th).

The court cited fears of flight as the reason for issuing the warrant.

Person A is suspected of killing her ex-wife, 41-year-old B, and her ex-wife's house by swinging a knife at a store in Buk-myeon, Jeongeup-si, on the 16th at 5:40 pm.

His former brother-in-law, who was with him at the scene, was also stabbed and seriously injured.

Person A was found to have had frequent quarrels with Person B due to religious conflicts, etc.

He said, "I got a disguised divorce, but I lived with his wife until recently." He said, "I couldn't see my children because of religious problems, so I did it out of frustration."

The police are investigating the specific circumstances of the crime based on CCTV and eyewitness statements obtained near the crime scene.