The story of the owner of the camper in the apartment occupied the preferred parking spot of the residents for one year and did not cooperate with the event was reported.

Yesterday (15th), an article titled 'Our apartment yumche camper' was posted on an online community.

Author A said, "There is a shaded area next to the back door of the apartment's ground parking lot. It's cool in the shade, and it's easy to get out of the driver's seat after parking, and it's easy to enter the apartment's common entrance, so it's a favorite parking spot for residents in summer." took off.

According to Mr. A, a campervan has been parked on the site since last year, and a compact car was always parked when there was no camper.

Mr. A, who was puzzled by this, one day witnessed a small car waiting next to him as the camper was gone, and he was hurriedly parked there.

It turned out that the owner of the campervan and his family were parking two cars in turns to occupy the spot.

Mr. A said, "Since the camper is large and tall, I thought that we were insisting on parking at that location in order not to cause as much inconvenience to other residents as possible." There is no problem with paying for parking, but it seems that it was annoying to monopolize one seat as it is not an apartment with a designated parking system."

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Afterwards, as a night market was held in the parking lot of the apartment, complaints from residents toward camper owners reached a peak.

This is because the apartment was broadcast asking for the car parked on the ground to be moved underground to prepare for the night market event, but the owner of the camper refused to do so.

Person A said, "I was curious to see the camper car as it is, so I called the management and asked, 'Aren't you going to take that car out?' He said, "I am obliged to take it out while parking, and I said that I can't pull it out stubbornly. I can't say it dozens of times. I'm so sorry.

Then, Mr. A said, "The apology should be made by the owner of the camper, but the manager said he was sorry, so he didn't know where to put himself." He said, "I didn't cause any serious damage, but I think it's unconscionable to frown on neighbors. I think a private house would be more suitable than an apartment house," he criticized the borrower.

Netizens who heard the story responded, "It's a space where we live together, but we have to live conscientiously", "You can't go too far", "It's okay to park in the same spot, but isn't it right to cooperate with the event?"

(Photo=Online Community 'Bae Dream')