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An accident occurred when a Land Rover vehicle worth 100 million won fell off the tidal flat in Ongjin-gun, Incheon.

It looks like a Land Rover Defender vehicle has fallen into the middle of the mud flat and is unable to get on or off.

Half of the wheel is buried in the mud flat, and the driver is sitting in the driver's seat waiting for rescue.

There was also an accident on the 6th where an electric car rental car fell out.

The vehicle was eventually submerged in the high tide, and the police and firefighters were dispatched to rescue the driver safely.

The tidal flat, where two vehicles are missing, is on the way from Seonjaedo, Ongjin-gun, Incheon to Jeokdo, and there is a road in the middle of the tidal flat.

This road, called Seonjae-ro 95beon-gil, is 8m wide and 700m long, and it is the only road that connects Seonjaedo and Jeokdo.

The Ongjin-gun side plans to install a sign that says, 'You can only pass when the water is low'.

Netizens responded, "Isn't it poor management at this point? You should have taken proper measures when it first happened.", "Let's just take a look at the pictures, no matter how beautiful the road is."

(Screen source: Online community)