Another car fell into a tidal flat in Incheon where an electric vehicle flooded accident recently occurred.

Today (15th), on an online community, an article titled 'The recent situation in the tidal flats where electric vehicles fell out' was posted.

Author A said, "The Land Rover Defender is missing this time on the Seonjaedo road, where the Kia EV6 fell out recently." explained.

If you look at the photo released by Mr. A, a white SUV is missing in the middle of the tidal flat.

Nearly half of the car's wheels are buried in the mud flat, and the driver is sitting in the driver's seat waiting for rescue.

The car that fell into the mud flat is a Land Rover Defender model, and the price is said to be around 100 million won.

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

A similar accident occurred on this tidal flat on the 6th.

At that time, a man and woman dragged the EV6 into the tidal flat, and was isolated in the high tide, and was later rescued safely by the police.

This tidal flat is located on the road from Seonjaedo Island, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, and there is a road called 'Seonjae-ro 95beon-gil' in the middle of the tidal flat.

This 8m wide and 700m long road is the only road that connects Seonjaedo Island and Geododo Island. It is submerged in seawater at high tide, but vehicles can pass when the water is low.

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

Recently, Seonjaedo Island has become popular as a tourist destination, and as more and more tourists visit the island, accidents often occur where vehicles entering the road without knowing the tide are falling into the tidal flats.

In this regard, Ongjin-gun said, "We plan to install signboards at both ends of Seonjae-ro 95beon-gil stating that 'passage is only allowed when the water is low'."

(Photo=Online community, Naver map capture)