The prosecution, which is investigating the allegation of blacklisting by the Ministry of Industry, has begun in earnest to investigate the Moon Jae-in government's upper level of the Blue House.

As a result of SBS coverage, it was confirmed that the prosecution was investigating a current opposition lawmaker who had experience working at the Blue House during the Moon Jae-in administration.

The lawmaker is suspected of persuading the heads of agencies appointed by the Park Geun-hye government to resign through an official from the Ministry of Industry at the time.

This is contrary to the claims of former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Baek Woon-gyu, who denied intervening in the Blue House at the time during the search and seizure process and the prosecution's subpoena investigation.

SBS tried to contact the lawmaker several times to get an explanation, but was unable to reach him.

The interrogation of the suspect before the arrest of former Minister Baek, for whom a prior arrest warrant has been requested, will be held at the Seoul Eastern District Court tomorrow morning.

More detailed news will be provided on <SBS 8 News> shortly.