As various quarantine measures related to Corona are lifted one after another, more and more people are looking for overseas travel.

However, there are many cases where the price of air tickets skyrocketed and they give up.

Reporter Jeong Hye-jin covered when the price would come down a bit.


This 40-year-old office worker was thinking of a trip to Bangkok, Thailand ahead of a long vacation, but dropped the plan while looking for a flight ticket.

Because of the skyrocketed price.

[40s office worker: The cheapest ticket I saw in April was about 270,000 won.

When I tried to make a reservation in May, it was 800,000 won.

Let's stay a little longer, since a lot of planes are being released...


But now it's 1.2 million won, 1.3 million won.]

The price of the Incheon-New York flight departing this month is between 2.7 million won and 3.5 million won.

It has more than doubled from 1 million won before Corona.

The early normalization of international flights has been implemented since the 8th, but air tickets are still insufficient.

This is because even if the government grants permission to increase flights in a hurry, it is difficult to increase the number of flights immediately.

Preparations are necessary, such as preparing the passenger plane that was turned into a freighter again and returning the employees who took a leave of absence during the corona virus. In particular, if you increase the number of flights without an accurate demand survey, you may have to float the plane with an empty seat.

[Aviation industry officials: When new flights or increased flights are in progress, we are forecasting demand by attracting and forecasting tourists from Korea and local destinations in advance through travel agencies, etc.]

Airlines operate several regular and irregular flights in Southeast Asia where demand is certain to increase .

plan to do it.

Soaring jet fuel prices are also a problem.

The jet fuel price index broke through the 466 mark this month.

As a result, fuel surcharges also rose, and for domestic flights, a 12.5% ​​increase was confirmed next month.

The international fuel surcharge, which will be announced soon, is also expected to hit an all-time high.

In addition to this, the industry believes that ticket prices will not stabilize until August at the earliest, as July and August, and the peak holiday season.