Another drunken taxi passenger hit the driver.

The assault continued while reporting to the police, but the taxi driver has not been able to drive since that day because of the trauma.

Reporter Bae Yoon-joo of UBC reported exclusively.


A customer gets off the back seat of a taxi stopped on the roadside at dawn and goes to the driver's seat.

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[Ask for tea.

ask for tea

It's not the car fee, it's this XX.

Look down, you XX.]

He reaches out through the driver's window and slaps the driver in the face, trying to pull him out.

Even while the surprised knight calls 112, the handgun does not stop.

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[Police: ○○○ intersection, hello?

(Yes, I hit him again now. Again.)] Finally, I lower my

pants towards the knight and do the chores.

A female taxi driver in her fifties was a first in her 16-year career as a driver.

Nearly ten days have passed since the incident, and she is still unable to drive the car due to trauma.

[Damaged taxi driver: I thought it would be okay if I rested for two days, but I couldn't take the wheel.

The aftereffects were so great that I was thinking about changing jobs...


At that time, the taxi had a transparent bulkhead to protect the driver, but to no avail.

The police plan to investigate and forward a passenger in their 40s to the prosecution on charges of obscene performance and assaulting a driver while driving.

(Video coverage: Ahn Jae-young UBC)