Gasoline components were detected at the site of the Daegu fire disaster, which killed 7 people.

In addition, a weapon was also found, revealing that it was a thoroughly planned crime.

Condolences from all walks of life continued at the joint incense place for the victims.

Reporter Park Ye-rin reports.


This is the hallway on the second floor where the office where the fire started.

The floors and walls were scorched, windows were smashed, and shards of glass were strewn across the floor.

[The occupant of the building: The soot has completely settled down.

It still smells bad, and the broken glass after that is also dispersed...

I can only breathe.]

The police revealed that the flammable material used in the arson was gasoline.

In the two-day joint investigation, three glass containers and white cloth that appear to have been used for arson were also recovered.

A weapon with a blade length of 11 cm was also found inside, and the police are investigating a connection between the wounds on the body of the lawyer and the secretary who died at the scene.

In addition, an autopsy is being carried out to confirm the exact cause of death of the seven people who died in the arson.

There were 7 people working in the office at the time of the arson, but it is known that one employee broke a window and escaped and saved his life.

The survivor is said to have told police that he was unable to witness the situation due to the smoke.

A joint incense burner for the victims was prepared at the funeral home of Kyungpook National University.

Key figures such as Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon and Daegu Mayor-elect Hong Jun-pyo visited the incense burner on the evening of the 10th and made flowers, and legal figures are also coming.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the victims came to pay tribute to the victims' individual burial places.

The victims are expected to die tomorrow at Myeongbok Park in Daegu.