Pharmaceutical company Moderna has released a new vaccine test result that is strong against the existing coronavirus as well as omicron mutation.

The goal is to release it this fall, but the Korean government is also reviewing a plan to introduce it for the fourth dose of Corona.

This is reporter Hyung-woo Jeon.


Moderna's new vaccine in clinical trials is a bivalent vaccine that targets both the existing coronavirus and an omicron mutation.

When the third dose was given, antibodies to the omicron mutation were found to increase 8-fold.

Compared to conventional vaccines, there are 75% more antibodies.

Moderna said, "We hope to have a bivalent vaccine available in late summer, with the goal of being used as a booster shot this fall."

We also plan to submit our test results within a few weeks for approval.

The Korean government is also in a position to actively review the introduction of such improved vaccines.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) Director Baek Kyung-ran said, "After a comprehensive evaluation of the improved vaccine, we will establish an inoculation strategy in preparation for the fall epidemic."

When brought into Korea, it is expected to be used for the fourth vaccination, and we are discussing whether to expand the target of vaccination to the general public under the age of 60.

[Kwon Geun-yong / Head of Vaccination Management Team, Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Division: Regarding the 4th vaccination of all citizens, there are still a lot of uncertainties in the subject and timing of vaccination.]

An official from the quarantine authorities said that they are collecting expert opinions and will determine the target of vaccination according to the corona epidemic situation in the fall.

[Ki-Jong Hong / Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Vaccine Society: The most important thing seems to be the (coronavirus) trend.

If the number of patients again increases in the future, of course (the 4th vaccination for all citizens) should be considered.

However, in this situation, no matter how good Moderna's new products are, they are unlikely to be considered.]

When a new vaccine comes out, the quarantine authorities explain that there is no problem with the introduction because it has signed a contract with the manufacturers to supply it instead of the existing vaccine. no see.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, video editing: Nam Il)