Former President Lee Myung-bak applied for suspension of execution.

The passport also brought up the amnesty theory again, but President Yoon Seok-yeol took a cautious stance.

Reporter Park Chan-geun reports.


Former President Lee Myung-bak was sentenced to 17 years in prison on charges of embezzling a dozen company money and paying Samsung litigation costs.

Former President Lee, who is imprisoned in Anyang Prison, applied to the Anyang branch office to suspend the execution of his sentence on the 2nd.

He cited the fact that he was 80 years old this year and that his health had deteriorated significantly in recent years as reasons for the application.

This is the second petition for former President Lee's suspension of execution.

It has been 1 year and 6 months since he applied for a COVID-19 mass infection at the Eastern Detention Center where he was imprisoned in December 2020, but was denied due to concerns about infection.

Suwon District Prosecutors' Office's decision on whether to accept the sentence is decided by the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office through the Criminal Execution Suspension Deliberation Committee.

Passport went a step further and brought out the amnesty again.

[Kwon Seong-dong/People's Power Floor Leader: I have a position that the pardon of former President Lee Myung-bak is necessary in terms of national unity and to build up the prestige of the Republic of Korea.]

Prior to the presidential election, the need for a pardon of former President Lee was revealed several times. President Yoon Seok-yeol took a cautious stance.

[President Yoon Seok-yeol: (I am curious about the possibility of a special pardon by former President Lee Myung-bak.) Well, I don't think it is a matter to discuss now.]

It seems to have taken into account the fact that the opposition is still not formidable.

However, former President Lee paid 5.78 billion won in fines for the sale of his private residence in Nonhyeon-dong and nearly half of the 13 billion won in fines.