Recently, a report came in that someone was leashing a dog and forcing it to run on a treadmill.

Police have launched an investigation into animal cruelty.

This is the exclusive report of TBC reporter Hyo-Joo Nam.

<Reporter> In

the dark night, a dog is running at high speed on the treadmill installed in front of the building.

The run in place, which started with something in front of him, continued for over 15 minutes.

[First Witness: A dog was fastened with an iron leash attached to the treadmill and could not come down and was running hard even if anyone saw it…


Neighbors also say it's not the first time they've seen a dog run over a treadmill-like rig.

[Nearby residents: There are many inside.

We train inside and do that.]

Police and ward officials who received reports of suspected animal cruelty stormed the scene.

As soon as the lock is broken and the door is opened, about 20 dogs start barking inside the cage.

This is an area where livestock is legally restricted as there are paddy fields, private houses, and schools nearby.

A kitten, less than three months old, was trapped in front of the dog's running gear, without water or food.

When we actually went inside, the dogs were being kept in cages in such a wasteful place. As you can see, there are medicines and syringes that appear to be administered to the dogs on one side as you can see.

An animal protection group has accused the dog owner of violating the Animal Protection Act, saying the building appears to be a breeding ground for illegal fighting dogs.

[Jung Seong-yong / Head of Animal Rights Revolution Cat Dogs: Putting a cat in front for the purpose of fighting dogs, exciting them and continuing to train them.]

In response, the dog owner insisted that it was not a fighting dog, saying that it was made to run on a treadmill to exercise the dogs.

[Relevant dog owner: Dogs are also stressed, but when they are confined, that is not the case.

So for about 10 minutes (I made them run), slaughtering and fighting dogs has nothing to do with me.] The

police are investigating whether the dog owner was cruel to animals.

(Video coverage: Kim Myung-soo TBC)