• WhatsApp applications works on an indicator of response to status updates


is developing a new feature that will allow users of the application to edit their text messages once they have been sent, which will save them from

having to delete

them to rewrite them.

The new feature will allow


users to edit their messages, in case they made a mistake in some way when writing them.

The novelty will appear in a


with options for the message in question, along with others already available, such as information and copy.


already talked about it in 2017, but ended up discarding it days later.

It is unknown if there will be a certain period of time to be able to edit the message after it is sent.

It is ruled out that a message editing history

is entered

to check previous versions of it.

However, he acknowledges that


's plans may change in the face of its final deployment.

This new feature is still under development.

It's being set up for the

Android beta,

but it's expected to hit the iOS and desktop betas as well.

The reaction to the messages 'changes' skin


is also testing another feature: reactions to messages in different


tones .

This feature is already being rolled out to users of the beta version for Android.

This feature allows users to

change the skin tone

of their reactions based on the last tone used in their


list .

For now, it's limited to the thumbs-up and two-hands emote.

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