We resent the fact that Peter Feldmann snatched the European Cup from the captain of Eintracht Frankfurt in order to enter the Kaisersaal des Römer.

We're really Eintracht fans, we can even pronounce Makoto Hasebe perfectly, so we're entitled to the trophy.

We also resent the fact that Peter Feldmann drove the IAA out of Frankfurt.

We are really a fan of the city of Frankfurt.

And the car.

Almost everyone in Frankfurt resents the fact that the mayor of Frankfurt feels hormonally incapacitated because of a stewardess and breathes this into the microphone in the winner's plane.

Especially pretty much all Frankfurt women.

And even their own SPD.

On the other hand, quite a few others are hormonally incapacitated in Frankfurt, such as Georgian Sunday drivers.

However, because of the rigid speed limit on German autobahns, or because the same does not exist.

The cars are getting better and better, the autobahn is the safest road in this country, variable traffic signs with the speed appropriate to the situation, the superior technology, envied all over the world - it doesn't matter, the stubbornness is needed.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Motor".

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Two words should never be missing in this context: Raser.


The former are apparently those who drive 140 or 160 km/h on the open road.

The second is a club of yellow angels, which "in view of the polarizing effect of the topic among the members is currently not recommending it to politicians" and has since been misused as a supporter of a limit.

Admittedly, the automobile club has already made the right move and has recently started offering breakdown assistance for tyres, brakes, gears and batteries.

Don't you find that so unusual?

Well, for the bike.

The ADAC also wants to tow, but not in the Feldmannian sense.

And while the angels are at it: how about a beneficial effect on locomotives, switches and overhead lines, the railways also urgently need a breakdown service.

And Frankfurt Airport,

where luggage only reaches the output belt at a snail's pace.

The operator Fraport has to assign key roles.

A former mayor would not even have to move.