Azaleas are in full bloom at the top of Deogyusan National Park.

Visitors are also coming to see the wave of pink flowers blending with the fresh green.

Reporter Lee Yong-shik reports.


At the top of Deogyusan National Park at 1,614 meters above sea level, yellow-green leaves form a sea of ​​fresh green.

On the way from Hyangjeokbong Peak to Jungbong Peak, azaleas were in full bloom.

The petals sway in the wind, forming a wave of pink under the blue sky.

The azaleas overcame the strong wind and cold and burst into flower buds one by one from the beginning of last week, and now the flowering rate has exceeded 70%.

[Kim Young-gyu/Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: Okay, now it is wild azaleas, but pink is not a color we can see very often.]

This year, the bitter cold continued from March to April, and the azaleas bloomed a week later than usual.

[Kang Seong-min / Manager of National Parks Corporation: Deogyusan azaleas usually maintain an average temperature of less than 10 degrees during the flowering period, so they have large petals and a soft pink color.]

Wildflowers living in sub-alpine zones also bloom one after another at the edge of the trail .

It catches the eye.

Honeysuckle with its head bowed lightly and the lily family can be seen at this time of year at Deogyusan.

In Deogyusan National Park, Seolcheonbong to Hyangjeokbong is on a reservation system from the 14th to the end of next month, so you must make a reservation in advance to climb the mountain.

On weekdays and weekends, only 1,350 people can make reservations per day, but as social distancing is lifted, the number of visitors has increased by 23% compared to last year.

The delicate pink azaleas at Deogyusan can be seen until this weekend.