On the weekend, today (28th), large-scale rallies were held in various places in downtown Seoul.

The Freight Solidarity Headquarters of the Public Transport Workers' Union of the KCTU held a general strike resolution meeting at Sejong-daero in front of Sungnyemun Gate in Jung-gu, Seoul around 2 pm today.

At a rally with an estimated 12,000 people gathered by the organizers, the Cargo Solidarity urged the abolition of the safe fare sunset system, the expansion of all vehicle types and all items, increased transportation fees, the abolition of the paper payment system, and reform of the structure of the cargo transportation industry.

The Cargo Regiment announced that they would start a general strike from 00:00 on the 7th of next month.

At around 1 pm, an hour earlier, about 2,500 workers from the public sector subsidiary of the Public Transport Union held a resolution meeting in front of Exit 12 of Seoul Station in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

They urged the government to stop attempts at private sub-services by subsidiaries of public institutions and to abolish all indirect employment in the public sector.

After the rally, they marched from Seoul Station to Samgakji Station in Yongsan-gu, near the presidential office, to continue the cultural festival.

About 500 environmental cleanup workers from the General Federation of Democracy gathered in front of Sinyongsan Station to demand direct employment of privately entrusted environmental cleanup workers and marched to the Samgak area. The National Teachers' Conference was held.

(Photo = Yonhap News)